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About Savi Hotels and Resorts
Savi Hotels and Resorts

Savi Hotels and Resorts is a chain of boutique properties spread across Rajasthan. The company owns each and every hotel and resort. Savi Hotels and Resorts is managed by M/s Siya Ram Bajrang Store.

The brand, SAVI is now registered trademark property of Siyaram Bajrang Store. The use of SAVI Hotels and Resorts is strictly prohibited under the copyrights act.

Our Story of Rise and Fall

The firm M/s SiyaRam Bajrang Store was formulated in 2003 and started its journey with a Cafe, Hang Around Cafe in Jaipur located on Gopalpura Road. Soon by the year 2004, it became a full-fledged restaurant. The AC Banquet hall was also added the same year. In 2006 the hotel came into existence with key highlights being its famous dining restaurant and discotheque (non-alcoholic). In 2011 the hotel got a setback when the disco, banquet, and restaurant caught fire. Heavy losses occurred but due to the support of our vendors and well-wishers, we recovered from it. In 2012 the property was completely renovated, and new floors were added to the property. It is now known for its quality and service. The Hotel has thereafter been in constant renovation thereafter. Recently, Siya the veg restaurant was renovated in 2020.The quality of our service and performance can be judged by the way we have come up. We have grown from a cafe to a full-fledged restaurant and then to a full-fledged hotel in the name of Hotel Savi Regency Now the hotel has a discotheque, banquet hall, conference, and 25 a/c rooms.

In 2014, the firm also started Savi Travels, a venture into the travel segment both inbound and outbound with a special focus on the travel needs of our major clients. Since then, it has been a left arm for feeding the hotel chain as well as maximizing our reach.

The firm has started expansion also. In 2016, Savi Camps, a boutique camping resort in Jaisalmer became operational. Another property land was purchased in 2017 at Kumbhalgarh.

The last two years, 2020 & 2021 have been very tough for our industry throughout the world. Surviving was a big question. Anyhow, we have overcome and have started our journey of building back from scratch. We will rise again.

Hotel Savi Regency
Savi Camps Jaisalmer

Consistency Pays

The efforts of Our Directors and their constant commitment to the firm and the travel industry has helped us in bouncing back and surviving the tough times of Corona. The best strength of the firm is its employees and the firm also sees a low turnout of employees. Some of the employees are working with us for more than 15 years. Now they have become a part of the family called SAVI. We are proud to constantly strive to perform better and the results have shown this.

Expansion Plans

The company had held its plans of expansion from 2018, after receiving huge losses due to a storm in Jiaslamer. Thereafter, Corona forced the stay to continue. The company is bouncing back and has started planning to start its expansion in 2023. The two projects in the pipeline Kumbhalgarh and Delhi Road, Jaipur will be pushed first. Thereafter, new ventures and venues will also be looked into. the company is also planning to diversify and spread it wings across other industries, especially after Corona.