A Chain Of Boutique Hotels and Resorts across Rajasthan and Himachal providing comfort and relaxed stays with all modern amenities


Siya Ram Bajrang Store was formed in 2003 starting its business with a café, known as Hang Around Café. In 2007 the firm started its hotel operation. So, we can say that the journey of Savi Hotels and Resorts began in 2007, under the legal name of the Siyaram Bajrang Store firm and the blessings of Shree Shree 1008 Shree Bana Das Ji Maharaj. Driven by the vision of Mrs. Savitri Meena and the leadership of Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Kamlesh, the brand soon blossomed from a single property in Jaipur to encompass two distinct experiences at Jaipur and Jaisalmer with recent admission of two more properties at Kumbhalgarh and Udaipur.

In 2019 company decided to expand but, then came covid, which disturbed the industry at great extent. The Directors halted the expansion plans and waited for the moment to come. In 2023, on completion of 20 years in hospitality, it was decided to expand again but with different plans. The management decided to be asset light company and thus adopted the route for expansion accordingly. The company added two new assets in Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh in 2023 on lease model achieving a 50-50 ratio. The company has decided to expand further its wings across Himachal Pradesh and other states too.

Segment to Operate, Mid-scale

In 2012 the hotel located at Jaipur, its first hotel, was renovated and reestablished as a branded hotel competing in a budget boutique segment with 24 keys. The company’s extensive marketing and reach to the various travel agents established itself as an upcoming brand in 3-star segment.

In 2023, on completion of 20 years in hospitality, the management clearly laid down its 5 years expansion plan with solid foundation of 40-60 ratio of owned and acquired properties. The company also laid focus that it will keep its major hold in the mid-segment encompassing budget range to mid-range hotels across Northern India. The decision of being an asset light company led to a quick search for 2 to 3 properties which company could acquire through lease / management / revenue sharing model. The company added two new assets in Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh in 2023 on lease model achieving a 50-50 ratio with an addition of 58 keys. Both the properties are in mid segment and the core focus of the company still, remains on the mid-segment market with a total of 112 keys.

Ethics & Values

Savi Hotels and Resorts is a chain of boutique hotels and resorts conceptualized on values and ethics. The company has a strict policy towards its food and drinks outlets in its all premises and all its own restaurant known as Siya The Restaurant serves only PURE VEG food and do have options for VEGAN guest too but non veg is strict no. The company also believes to adhere to NO ALCHOLIC Sale and thus has NO BARS in the hotel it runs.

The core focus of the firm remains on providing value for money to its customers and drive happy customers to become clients. The company focuses for consumer loyalty and thus thrives on membership and loyalty programs to retain and gain loyal customer base.

Savi Hotels and Resorts

Challenges & Obstacles

The COVID era from 2020 -2022 was the most difficult phase for the hospitality industry, the very existence of the industry came into limelight. This period saw exit of various brands from the trade. Tough ones kept moving with burden of losses or dwindled profits but survived the phase.

Savi Hotels and Resorts survived the covid phase with meticulous planning, adaptive approach to covid, quick learning of precautionary and sanitisation methods, managing finances. The flexibility and adaptability to the situation were the key to overcome the obstacles. The firm operated with only one hotel during covid (Jaisalmer was closed for one year) with no layoffs. The jobs were given on rotational basis for the willing staff. At times the company operated the hotel with mere 5 -6 staff members. The accommodation of the staff was made in hotel itself. A complete training was taken from WHO by MD Mr Vijay himself and then staff was trained by him as how to handle the covid situation in the organisation. An eye on problems on daily basis and slow and steady planning and execution of strategies were the basis to overcome the hurdle of covid.

The company still requires financial support for further growth. The company MD Mrs Kamlesh Meena says the answer lies how we play with our cash flows and how we indulge with our financial partners.

Customer Spread

The firm has, from the initial stages of hospitality, had learnt a lesson “Not to keep all your eggs in one basket”. Savi Hotels and Resorts drive its customer base from various segments like business, Marriages, travel and holidays. The firm has also decided to spread its wings across religious and medical basket and by the end of 2029 this will be visible on the ground.

The basket spread of customer acquisition of any typical Savi Hotels and Resorts is as follows but it may vary from one hotel to another

Savi Hotels and Resorts Customer

Guest Experience

 Mr Vijay, MD of Savi Hotels and Resorts has laid down its core focus on customers and hance the company is completely customer oriented. The products are designed or aligned as per the requirements of the customer. The entire operational chain revolves around enhancing the guest experience so to attain high level of customer satisfaction which leads to happy customers. A healthy customer interaction even after service creates the magical bond where customer become our client and help us in spreading the words.

To enhance the customer experience, the company has designed or altered all its product offering customers a different experience at all location. Eg Jaipur is a budget city hotel where as Jaisalmer provides a unique camping experience, Udaipur provides a luxury in the lapse of Aravalli hills while Kumbhalgarh provides the traditional Haveli look. On the other hand property coming up at Alwar takes you the ethnic village concept and the Manali hotel soaks you in the wooden cottage with alive fireplace, Different experience at different location is one of the key behind their success.

On scanning and summarizing the experience shared by the guest it can be concluded that the firm rightly communicates with the guest and offers good food with prompt service. Staff behaviour with location of hotel also played an important aspect in the customers response.  

Savi Hotels and Resorts

Guest Satisfaction

Savi Hotels and Resorts have a long list of corporates varying from automobiles to finance, construction to FMCG sector, all satisfied. This gives the company a good market penetration in the corporate sector. Our rankings and ratings on google and other OTA mark us around 4-4.5 star that simply justify the service quality and value for the money to the customer.

Savi Hotels and Resorts Customer Satisfaction

Financial Performance

The company has started expanding by taking out loans from banks, NBFC and pvt lenders but their debt equity ratio is 1:3 so their debts are in control. The profits were not so encouraging in the previous years due to covid but MD Mr Vijay told us that the sales in the previous year and the current year promises the positive side of the trade. The company policy shift of zero credit, after the covid era, has resulted in becoming more stable with cash flows making the foundation of the firm stronger. He was positive to see profits around 15-20% of revenue in the coming season.

Present Hotel and Their Brief

Hotel Savi Regency the first hotel of the group is located on Main Gopalpura Road of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Hotel came into existence in 2007 but was renovated and upgraded in 2012. The Hotel has 24 keys along with Banquet for 180 pax, Board Room for 30 covers, Restaurant for 60 chair covers and Roof Top Party Space for 160 pax. The location is near the wholesale market of construction New Atish Market and is at walking distance from Metro Station.

Savi Camps Jaisalmer, the boutique camping resort is in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan near Sam Sand Dunes. The Camping Resort came into existence in 2016. The resort has 30 keys along with Open Space for 500 pax, Kids Gaming Zone including pool table, Restaurant for 80 chair covers. The location is between Damodara village and Kanoi Village of Sam Tehsil. It is an offroad property to give you the true experience of the desert. Savi Camps is known for unique camping experience with star glazing. We also provide various activities for kids to keep them engaged.

Hotel Savi Palace RajKumbha is in Kumbhalgarh, district Rajsamand of Rajasthan. The Hotel was taken up by the firm in 2023. The hotel has 20 keys along with Banquet for 60 pax, Swimming Pool, Restaurant for 60 chair covers and Roof Top Party Space for 200 pax. It is located on the corners of Lake Lakhela (Kumbhalgarh Lake). Built in traditional style in the backdrops of Aravalli range with view of lake and hills in front is a must try for holidays. This resort provides an experience worth remembering and cherishing.

Hotel Savi Suryaprakash is a boutique luxury hotel located in the heart of the city. It has 38 keys along with Banquet for 250 pax, Restaurant for 90 chair covers and Roof Top Party Space for 300 pax. The property is located near to various tourist spots like Sahelion ki Bari, walking distance to Fateh Sagar Lake, Chetak Smarak etc

Future Path

The firm has become more aggressive and plans to reach a chain of 40 hotels and resorts by the end of 2028 with 40-60 ratio. The company is also seeking to look for financers and partners to tie up for new properties around Himachal, Rajasthan and other Norther parts of India.

Awards & Recognitions